A summary of the maximum load and average failure tensile and shear stresses of the Sikaflex-265 adhesive specimens tested at seven RNSs is presented in Table 2. The failure modes of the specimens were cohesive within the adhesive in all cases. The average failure tensile stress (σ) and shear stress (τ) are given by

Shear stress tensile strength

Factors controlling shear strength of soils soil composition (basic soil material): mineralogy, grain size and grain size distribution, shape of particles, pore fluid type and content, ions on grain and in pore fluid. state (initial): Define by the initial void ratio, effective normal stress and shear stress (stress history).

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This set of Strength of Materials Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on "Normal & Shear Stress". 1. In the given figure a stepped column Answer: b Explanation: Normal stress acts in a direction perpendicular to the area. Normal stress is of two types tensile and compressive stress.
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Shear stress tensile strength

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Shear stress tensile strength